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Ok. Here I am.

This is day one of this blog. They make you type in a title and I just hope, if I continue with day one, day two, day three… I won’t forget what day I’m on. If so, live with it. I know tens of thousands of people will be reading this and I don’t want to confuse anyone.

As all of you know, I am a sculptor. As foolish as this may be, that is what I am. Just as in other cases, I was born as this. I have tried to be other things, but I wake up the next morning and I am still a sculptor. Like groundhog day. So I get up in the morning…weld, grind, cut, burn myself and create sculpture.

Just to catch you up a bit… I am working on an eighteen foot kinetic sculpture for the grounds of the Mennello Museum of American Art, in Orlando. It is suppose to be installed by December 1. So… crunch time is here.

I spent last weekend creating mobiles for a fundraising event for the Patrons of the Hearts foundation in Jacksonville, an amazing organization, that does heart surgeries for children from third world countries. Children from a Jacksonville elementary school designed elements for mobiles, I cut out all the parts, sent them back to Jax. The children (art students) painted them and then Hilda (founder of Patrons along with her husband, Jose, pediatric cardiologist) and Geri and I designed, assembled, balanced, the eight mobiles. They will be auctioned at the event in Jacksonville this weekend.

Speaking of Jacksonville, I just finished a commission for two wall pieces for a women’s wing of a hospital there. Two pieces with a botanical theme, made of aluminum and kiln fired glass. Multiple layers, some natural, textured aluminum and some surfaces painted in metalic copper and gold tones. Turned out well. I will publish some photos when I get to it.

Time to eat. I will give you much more exciting information about my life as a sculptor soon.

This ends my first entry to the John Wolfe Sculpture blog.


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