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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Days like today are rare.  I spent the full day in the studio working on a sculpture for the 2011 DeLand Sculpture Walk.  Sort of a play day.  This will be the second year of the DeLand Sculpture Walk.  Last year twelve sculptures by twelve different Florida sculptors were displayed.  For 2011 there will be a minimum of twelve and hopefully more.  The piece I am making will be a colorful 14 foot tall  kinetic “Windvane”.   This photo shows the base of the sculpture as it starts to take shape.  I will post more photos of this as it progresses. 

Sculpture base, hanging, waiting for sculptural bracing

Here is a brief update of what I’ve been doing, artwise. 
I have three new gallery opportunities in Florida.  As a sculptor, I never have a huge inventory or work on hand, so representation in a new gallery takes some planning and time and preparing for a gallery or museum show takes even more.  Segway…
I will be having a show in the fall at the Gateway Center for the Arts, in Debary, Florida.  This will be a two person show with fellow DeLand artist, John Wilton.  I will give you the dates for the show and the opening reception next post.  I have been working with John Wilton on a series of collaborative designs for public and corporate spaces.  Going well.
Speaking of public and corporate work, I have been creating designs for wall sculpture and mobiles for several proposals.  This is always a good exercise for new design ideas and the opportunity to make some samples for photos and galleries.
I had a big installation last week– a two-part mobile in a collector’s home in the Orlando area.  The mobile has a 16+ foot span in the main living room, with a smaller section over a spiral staircase, with an element over the living room bridge, leading to the main mobile.  Try to figure that out without a picture.  Here are some photos…

part #1 - just getting started


Mobile installed, scaffold will go away lateryellow element in background is what comes over bridge


This is the view where you can see the yellow element over the bridge

Going back to shoot better photos without the scaffold.  Will post them soon.
Tomorrow will be a design day.  Working on suspended sculpture for the Museum of Florida Art.  Design phase begins tomorrow.  I will keep you up to date. 
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