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Monthly Archives: February 2011


Excuses (always very important)

I have delayed in my blogging responsibilities because I feel that I have been working on the same projects forever and the excitement factor is a tad low.  I do appreciate the prompting from those of you whom have done so.  It’s nice to know that you are reading.


The two previous projects that I refered to in my last post are finished and waiting for concrete pads to be poured for installation.  One project, the three-part piece collaboration, will be installed at a private residence in Winter Park this weekend.  I have moved it out of the studio to regain some space.  The sculpture for the Mennello Museum of American Art is receiving a little touch-up here and there and I am still dodging parts of it in the studio as they hang from the ceiling.  The main base component is covered with a tarp in front of my studio, looking like a circus tent, as it awaits the crane to load it up for delivery, hopefully within a week or two.

And now

Busy with two hospital proposals for wall pieces.  Putting a maquette together for a three-piece suspended sculpture/mobile for a home in Windermere. This project is exciting. I am developing a new fabrication/design style for kinetic suspended work.  Always trying to break away from the Calder syndrome.  I have a couple more major commissions on the not too distant horizon.  Looking forward to those projects as well.

I did something art related that was a bit different, this weekend.  After a wonderful visit with the renowned artist, Harold Garde (google him), I did a couple of experiments with his “Strappo” technique. It is a reverse painting on glass that is then transferred to paper or canvas.  These were my first two attempts.  here they are (above).  

I am just finishing up the computer work to cut the parts for my mobile maquette, so it’s time to go make some sparks.

Now get out there and buy some art and if not, buy some beer.