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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Ah yes.  The life of a sculptor is a busy one.  At least lately.  Now in 2011 I want to see a correlation between busy and dollars.  As an artist, money means nothing to me so long as I can buy steel, paint and supplies (new welders, plasma cutters, a new truck, a pole barn, a crane, a couple employees,  etc.)  On the other hand, others may think different. 

The Mennello Project Continues

Here is the update.  I have been continuing to work on the Mennello Museum commission.  I will be installed in January.  My only hold up with this is that the Florida weather has turned cold and causes problems with painting.  Most of my primers and paints have to be applied above 50 or 60 degrees while the temperatures are rising, so I watch the forecasts and schedule my time accordingly.  I had a crane at the studio yesterday because at the last-minute we decided to assemble the two components of the base and weld them up here and finish them and then deliver it in one piece.  The original plan was to weld it on site and then touch up.  This is all fine, but now I need to figure out how to fit it on a trailer for delivery.  I think some midnight driving will be in order.  Here are a couple of photos of yesterday.   The base will now stay outside for painting and wait for delivery.

Positioning part one of the base - Crane in background

The parts of the base welded together

The Wolfe/Peace Collaboration
I have been working with landscape architect and artist, Fred Peace, on a sculpture for a residential client in Winter Park. It is a three-part sculpture.  It is about seven feet tall and the whole
thing will be installed on a six-foot circular pad.  We took it to the installation site last week for a test fit so the pad could be prepared.  It should be finished and installed within a couple of weeks.

Wolfe/Peace sculpture test installation

A Few Small Things
Here are a couple of photos of a few things I have finished lately.  Arts on Douglas Gallery in New Smyrna Beach has a miniature show this time each year.  All items have to be no larger than eight inches.  This year I made four candle holders.  Five layers of steel…  look at the pictures.  Here are photos of two of them.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are two thousand words worth of photos.  Oh, what the heck, I will make it four thousand words worth.  Here are two more photos of a couple of thing I have made for the Arts on Douglas gallery lately.  The Four caged ravens, aka: Nevermore, is a bit of a departure, but sometimes when an idea hits you must act on it.  The other is a mobile, entitled cut paper, inspired by a Matisse cut paper collage, (at least the colors).

Five layer tree candleholder

Boomerangs with ball candleholder 8x8Five layer tree candleholder 8x8x4 inches

Now, It’s Retro time!
I was at my children’s grandparent’s house for a wonderful family reunion this summer and in their home was a mobile that I made for their “new” house in what I am guessing was in about 1985 or 86.  The mobile was looking good.  It’s easy to say, I ought to do something like that again.  But, I guess I must keep moving forward.  Here is a photo. 
An Overseas Commission
And now this one is only semi-retro, but here is the story.  Sometime last year I received an email from a gentleman in London that found my website and liked the looks of a small sculpture I made about 15 years ago.  I re-created it with some changes and sent it off to him in England.  Here is a pic.

Painted steel kinetic sculpture/ about 36 inches tall

You too can check out my website if you like.
It has been a my pleasure talking at you this evening.
Happy Holidays.