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Hey there.  It’s good to be back.  Not that I have been anywhere, just not typing number four as I should have been doing sooner. (the grammer teacher would be haveing a heyday with the red pen with that sentence).  What the hell.  Not there anymore.  Just in my nightmares.
Ok, back to me.
I am going to try to insert some photos of projects that I have mentioned in my previous entries. 
Number one is a photo of the wall sculpture that I did as a commission for the R. Roberts Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.  These pieces are about four feet tall, made of textured and painted aluminum and kiln fired glass.  Visit R. Roberts in Jax (Avondale) next time you are in that part of Florida.

Wall sculptures, Baptist Hospital, Jax

Now, shall we move on.  Did I tell you the story about the sculpture that was installed for the DeLand sculpture walk and then stolen within 24 hours.  Then a HUGE media blitz (in my mind) (google, stolen deland sculpture), anyway, here is a photo of the sculpture when it was displayed in Boca Raton, last year.  Just so you know, it was recovered after a major DeLand style CSI, investigation, an anomymous tip … a bit of damage, but I touched it up and everything is fine.  The morning it was re-installed after the DPD recovered the sculpture in question, it rained and as it was being installed, a double rainbow appeared above the sculpture.  I will try to find the photo, next time.

Night Flight

This is part of the base for the sculpture that I am working on for the Mennello Museum for American Art in Orlando.  Today I finished the fabrication on this part and it goes to DeLand Metalcraft tomorrow for sandblasting and then as soon as I get it back, tomorrow afternoon, it will get the first coat of epoxy primer.  The rest of this scuplture will go in for sandblasting the first of next week.  Many thanks to Jim, who has been helping me with the fabrication and endless grinding the last couple weeks.

Mennello Museum sculpture base, part one in progress

Geri was taking photos of me loading this piece into my trailer this evening.  I have a chain hoist hanging from a tree limb from about 30 feet up.  Racing the rain. (rain and freshly preped steel doesn’t mix well, you know, rust)  The base weights about 600 pounds.  She wanted a photo of my last act on this earth, in case something went wrong.

Loading sculpture base into trailer as Geri looks on in horror

Well, folks… It’s late and I’m all tuckered out, so, good night and I will give you more exciting updates soon. 
Peace to all.


  1. For some reason, I am inspired to spoof a famous Jaws quote…

    Dad, you’re gonna need a bigger trailer…

  2. Jim is AH-mazed that you did this move of 600+ pounds of steel into the trailer by yourself. Jeri is right to look on in horror you crazy man! Glad you survived to post another entry on the blog…..I’ll stay tuned!

  3. Reminds me of the video Rick had made of his jump from an airplane, good evidence in case anything malfunctioned… Be careful, it looks STUPENDOUS!!!

    • Geri Lenox Wolfe
    • Posted November 5, 2010 at 10:16 am
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    I am so proud of my husband, but he terrifies me with his ability to do the impossible by himself. His favorite quote “no, I can do this — no problem!

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