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Hello again.

What a great day! Visited a home of a client and now friends. A beautiful home in Windermere, Florida.  An amazing art collection that I look forward to and am honored to be included.  We are talking, from emerging artists to Picasso, Calder, Max, John Lennon and soon Wolfe. It is always an honor to be included in these collections, and this is at the top of the list.

I look forward to a weekend in the studio, doing some of the zen, grunt work. I will elaborate on this at another time. My son Brian has been educated in the zen work with power tools.  I am currently working on welding and grinding about 200 feet of welds on an outdoor steel sculpture.  Thanks to guitarist, Jim, who is graciously helping me with this task that can seem endless.  The better welder you are, the easier the grinding. So I have been told. Needless to say my grinding takes for ever.  I have also been told that I am a perfectionist…  that’s another story.

Geri accompanied me to my appointment today.  We got to drive the dirty van.  The other car goes to the mechanic on Monday because the check engine light soon followed by running badly occurred.  Can’t work on cars anymore.  I can open the hood and look at real pretty black plastic.  Looking at it doesn’t seem to fix much.  I did take the van to Walmart for an oil change for an oil change.  The oil change guy was kind of hurt that the previous oil change sticker was from DeLand quick oil change and not Walmart.  A few words and he was feeling better.  I need to read and adhere to my oil change loyalty oath.

I am getting off track. Sorry.

Tonight is the event in Jax for the Patrons of the Hearts.  I hope they get big bids on the mobiles and some raise some big bucks.  What a great organization. Thanks Hilda and Jose.

Have a good weekend and I will try not to catch anything on fire.  (Speaking of which,we  made our annual contribution to the Glenwood Fire Department last night.  We live in the woods and it hasn’t rained much all summer, so we need to support these guys in case someone tries to set the neighborhood on fire.)

Peace and talk to you soon.



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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog! Love you xoxoxo

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